Hi, I’m Amalia. While my autoimmune story began fairly recently, when I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I have a much longer history living with chronic health conditions (Raynaud's Disease, Interstitial Cystitis, SIBO, infertility, and others). My story really began 6000 years ago when my desert dwelling ancestors started eating matzah, having severe health conditions, and then running away from Egypt due to terrible plumbing….…fast forward a few thousand years and what was passed down to me was intolerances to - gluten, dairy, fermentable oligosaccharides, fructose, etc. You get the picture.

{Is it necessary to say here that Eli wrote this embarrassing bio? I think so. k, thanks.}



Hey, I’m Eli. My history with autoimmunity began when I was 8, when I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. How I got Type I Diabetes is pretty much a mystery, but we suspect I "caught” it after acquiring an infection while travelling abroad in the Dominican Republic. Funny story about growing up with diabetes...when I was 10 my blood sugars rose too high and my father got pulled over racing me to the drug store to buy insulin. After being pulled over, my father yelled at the cop “MY SON IS HIGH, MY SON IS HIGH!” Now imagine what that cop was thinking…


Hi, I’m Sabi (Saba, Sababa, Sabaka). While I’m in perfect health, I like to support my parents in their endeavors to achieve optimal health as well. I probably could sustain a fully AIP diet, but I’m pretty much hooked on my lamb (yay AIP) and lentils (nay AIP) dog food. My other two favs: sweet potato and chicken liver. Expect to see more of me in upcoming photos and videos. I was born to be on camera.